Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration

We welcome volunteers to Famathon 2019 - India’s Only Family Marathon. The Famathon being conducted for a genuine cause; which is indeed a serious matter in today’s modern world.
Its whole and sole initiative being bringing all members of family to run together, making people realize what they really miss when they neglect their families and how it feels when they are together.

We are actually looking for friendly, energetic, youth volunteers across Goa, who would actually love to contribute towards above good cause we are working on.
More than 100 volunteers are needed as we are having multiple runs in this marathon. Also, throughout the route we will be providing some refreshments, drinks, first-aid for which we require a set of ever enthusiastic youth who can handle above activities with great ease and without getting panic. Also, we require volunteers to guide people for the activities that would occur prior to the run like some fitness exercises, stretching, yoga etc. which will bring energy and ease amongst the participants to run for the marathon. Also, we will have the prize distribution on same day and we require helping hands for the same.

Once registered,one of our team member shall get in touch with you at the earliest and guide you with further details, and pen your way to be a part of India’s only Family Marathon in your very own state of Goa.

Why should I volunteer?
First and foremost, by volunteering you are supporting a great cause, which in itself is a great idea which shall keep up the good vibes in your minds & satisfaction of supporting this good cause. Your presence will also in turn inject enthusiasm in the crowd too.

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Thank you for registering yourself as the volunteer for Famathon 2019.
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